Secure payment
SWP PLUS PARIS protects you when you do your shopping.
Do your shopping with peace of mind: Thanks to PayPal and Payplug, SWP PLUS PARIS protects you during payment. Your banking information is safe to buy more securely.

In order to provide you with the most reliable payment security possible, we have chosen to outsource transactions to the website of our partners.

Protection of your purchases

When you opt for online payment, you are automatically redirected to a secure page (SSL encryption). The information you enter on this page (the number and expiration date of your credit card) are known only computers of our financial partners, who will ensure that your credit card is valid (not opposition, no numbers error ...). Thus, the information provided is not known to our staff or any other user.

Moreover your banking information is not saved by our financial partners. This information is only used during your transaction.

When you are about to enter your credit card numbers, a small padlock is displayed at the bottom of your browser. It tells you that you are in a secure area and that all the information you enter will be encrypted.

Every day on the Internet, it exchanged several billion euros paid by credit card, without the slightest problem!

At SWP PLUS PARIS, we make every effort to earn your trust.